Kathie Dunbar for Lansing Mayor

Even after four terms in office, no one mistakes me for a “typical politician.” I’m known for being funny, outspoken, sometimes brash, and unconventional… also honest, hard-working, extremely knowledgeable, and very effective. I’m committed to listening and learning and working alongside the community to create a city everyone can be proud of.




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From City Council
to the Mayor's Office

As a councilmember, I’ve spent years cultivating solid working relationships with staff in all city departments. I’m excited to improve customer service wherever we interface with the public. I’m well-acquainted with city operations and the city budget; I spent Super Bowl weekend on Zoom calls restructuring the Lansing Lugnuts contract renewal, saving taxpayers two million dollars in the process.


As a trained facilitator, I’ve worked with hundreds of neighbors and small business owners to find collaborative solutions that address community-identified needs. These experiences help shape my priorities on the council, and they will continue to influence my decisions as mayor.




My priorities are post-pandemic economic recovery for individuals and businesses, safe and affordable housing and paths to home-ownership, reducing epidemic levels of gun violence and increasing public safety, and using integrated technology & priority/outcome-based budgeting to increase efficiencies, save money, and bolster economic development.

Read more about all of my plans for Lansing.

Safe & Affordable Housing

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Reducing Gun Violence

Integrated Technology/Budget

Environment/ Climate


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