Kathie Dunbar for Lansing Mayor

Even after four terms in office, no one mistakes me for a “typical politician.” I’m known for being funny, outspoken, sometimes brash, and unconventional… also honest, hard-working, extremely knowledgeable, and very effective. I’m committed to listening and learning and working alongside the community to create a city everyone can be proud of.




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From City Council
to the Mayor's Office

As a councilmember, I’ve spent years cultivating solid working relationships with staff in all city departments. I’m excited to improve customer service wherever we interface with the public. I’m well-acquainted with city operations and the city budget; I spent Super Bowl weekend on Zoom calls restructuring the Lansing Lugnuts contract renewal, saving taxpayers two million dollars in the process.


As a trained facilitator, I’ve worked with hundreds of neighbors and small business owners to find collaborative solutions that address community-identified needs. These experiences help shape my priorities on the council, and they will continue to influence my decisions as mayor.




My priorities are post-pandemic economic recovery for individuals and businesses, safe and affordable housing and paths to home-ownership, priority/outcome-based budgeting (which includes reigning in unfunded liabilities), reducing epidemic levels of gun violence, and using integrated technology to increase efficiencies and streamline information sharing among departments and the community.

Safe & Affordable Housing

Post-Pandemic Recovery

Reducing Gun Violence

Integrated Technology

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