Although we currently have both a climate action plan and a sustainability manager, I  believe the current administration is not giving these matters the attention or the funding they deserve.  As an example, the current scope is limited to internal operations, fleet, and facilities. I plan to expand the scope to include residential and economic development goals, among other things.

I'm the only official in Lansing who has actually expanded greenspace in the past 16 years.


There was a 28-acre parcel of wilderness along the Grand River in SW Lansing (in Eaton County) slated for development by the owner. The neighbors were furious at the thought of losing the greenspace they enjoyed out their back windows for decades. Property rights dictate that an owner has autonomy to develop as they wish within the confines of the zoning code, which is what that owner planned to do. 


I worked with all parties to find a solution that allowed the land owner to recoup his investment and protect the acreage from future development. I wrote the MDNR Trust Fund grant used to purchase the property on behalf of the City. The owner got his money back, and the neighbors now live next to dedicated park land (and amazing wildlife habitat) that can never be developed.