Get It Done-bar!

Kathie Dunbar gets things done. She has a record from the Lansing City Council, and in the non-profit world, of getting results on behalf of the People. Read below to learn more.



Hunter's Ridge

Kathie wrote the state grant to purchase Hunter's Ridge, now home to the best mountain bike trails in the region.


When the piece of land went up for sale, neighbors sought a way to preserve the wildlife habitats and natural features. Councilmember Dunbar looked for an innovative solution to score a win for the property owner, the neighbors, and the whole City.

Dunbar got it done!



Lugnut Contract

From the Council, Kathie stepped up to save the City of Lansing over $2M a year by renegotiating the lease agreement with the Lugnuts to keep them playing in Lansing until 2038.

Working together with the City's finance director and attorney, Kathie found ways to cut costs while also improving the stadium. She did this after the current administration put together an amended agreement that the City Council wouldn't approve--based on the net loss to the City.

Dunbar got it done!



Human Rights Ordinance

In her first term on the Council, Kathie pushed for Lansing to write and adopt a Human Rights Ordinance to protect traditionally marginalized groups from discrimination in housing, employment, and services.

Kathie continues to champion civil rights. She advocated to make Lansing a Sanctuary City in 2019. 

Dunbar gets it done!



South Lansing Community Development Association (SLCDA)

Kathie started the SLCDA after working in the South Lansing area through the Ingham County Health Department. The area used to be identified as a 'food desert,' but now has a weekly Farmer's Market in the summer and several acres of community gardens. This brings fresh, healthy food to the residents

SLCDA also helps residents with housing issues--whether that is tenant/landlord disputes, navigating social services, or supporting people who leave abusive home-situations.

Dunbar gets it--and gets it done!