Safe & Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

During my tenure as mayor of Lansing, we will emphasize “smart development” and 

revitalizing existing houses and neighborhoods rather than continually creating and  developing new housing that is not affordable and does not provide shelter to the 

most vulnerable within our community. 


We have an obligation to create affordable housing, both through ownership and rentals.   My administration will change how existing rentals are structured, incentivize development of affordable housing, and most importantly, regulate and monitor follow-through for those who promise to provide low-cost and affordable housing.

Lansing has an amazing financial empowerment center in this city that helps folks repair credit, build equity and prepare for homeownership. Unfortunately, the main reason we have such a high number of people without homes is that there isn’t enough affordable housing right now. The inflated real estate market is driving home ownership prices out of reach for many families and it’s skewing rental prices, too.

  • We need to continue to incentivize the development of safe, affordable housing for low income families.

  • We need to develop more mixed income housing to avoid warehousing low-income families in some areas of town and extreme gentrification in others.  


We must take an holistic approach to homelessness and meet them where they are.  Lansing is the epicenter of homelessness in the region, but not all homeless people in Lansing are from Lansing.


Homeless folks come to Lansing because we have the shelters, the transportation, the services and resources they can’t get elsewhere. That means we bear the brunt of the financial responsibility for homeless services, even though many of our homeless community come from elsewhere in the county. We need regional leaders and organizations at the table to negotiate an equitable funding structure. 

Safe Housing

Safe housing is just as valuable to our citizens as affordable housing.  Strengthening and training our neighborhood watch organizations as well as our neighborhood groups can help empower residents to help keep each other safe and can eliminate the need for police to be called for non-violent, non-lethal calls such as noise disturbances, and minor domestic situations. Providing well qualified alternatives to police can be a win-win for everyone.